About The Commodore 64 Computer

In January 1981, the 8 bit Commodore 64K computer, also known as C64, was released by Commodore International for a hefty price of $595. The C64 computers quickly became a household name, selling over 30 million systems. For decades the C64 computers were highly popular for mainly playing games. Eventually the C64 computer was in every retail store across the country.  Since the system was on the rise, companies started to develop a new device called the modem.

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  Current Projects
Online BBS, Currently in the process of getting a machine setup that will eventually host the BBS. If you are not familiar with what a BBS (Bulletin Board System is, then check out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulletin_board_system
Jig Saw puzzles. Were adding about 100 Jigsaw puzzles, since they have become pretty popular.
C64 Games. Coming Next Summer of 2011, we will be updating the C64 game section. This will include more information about the games. This will include video clips, larger screenshots, ratings, and more.
New C64 Emulator Updates. Take me there now.
Were looking for volunteers to help us with our C64 game section. If interested please contact us for more information.
1. 10th Frame
2. Archon
3. Arknoid
4. Beyond Castle Wolfenstein
5. Donkey Kong (Both)
6. Jouste
7. Jumpman Junior
8. Lode Runner
9. Space Taxi
10. Track and Field
How to Creating an animated smiley in Adobe Photoshop. Click on the video to go to YouTube to watch all 3 videos.